Epic Holidays

What Are Some Of The Most Epic Holidays In The World?

The availability of cheap air travel has revolutionized what taking a vacation means for people all over the world. It has opened up the possibility of new experiences, exploring new cultures, new cuisines and exploring some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

But it also means that the usual tourist destinations are now under significant pressure due to increased visitor numbers. In fact many cities, such as Venice are being forced to put special crowd control measures in place to ensure that the locals are not simply over run by the numbers of visiting tourists.

However, for those who want to step off the well beaten tourist paths there are still some epic holidays that will take you far from the madding crowds.

1. Chile.

There is an increasing interest in South America from those who want to experience something unique during their vacation time – and it appears that Chile is the flavor of the moment. The attraction is an enormous diversity of wildlife and flora spread over a variety of ecosystems in the country that is over 2,650 miles in length, but never more than 150 miles across – making it a wonderfully easy place to explore. With 36 national parks this country is a nature lovers dream. Incredible cuisine and world class wine make it the travel lovers dream.

Epic Holidays

2. Canada.

Canada may seem like an odd choice when most people head towards its neighbor, the U.S. to get their travel fix. But Canada has huge amounts to offer for those in search of epic holidays. The fact of the matter is that Canada is simply beautiful – the natural vistas are what many people would call ‘majestic’. The Canadian Rockies for instance are an absolute must for nature lovers – but there is much more to the country than that. The Canadian Arctic, the Inside Passage on the West Coast with its fjords and isolated islands and New Brunswick’s majestic forests all contribute to making this country a wonderful place to explore. Add wonderful picturesque cities such as Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec and Canada is close to the perfect holiday destination.

3. Granada.

Spain has long been the darling of European travelers. Value for money food and the proximity to many European capitals, as well as easy air access have made the country into one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. But for those who want to escape the sometimes crowded and rowdy coastal destinations a trip to Granada is highly recommended. View lush gardens and awe inspiring palaces in the Alhambra or simply wonder at the intricate tile work of fountains in tiny squares. Gorge yourself on some of the best tapas in the world at snug and cozy bars where everyone wants to be your friend.

4. New Zealand.

Ignore the undoubted attractions of Down Under and instead get to neighboring New Zealand. Stunning wine lands, the freshest produce, incredible hiking and fly fishing opportunities – as well as whale watching are all on the menu. And if you are a rugby fan time your visit right and you could enjoy seeing some of the best teams in the world pit themselves against the might All Blacks.

Think outside the box and you will soon realize that epic holidays are only a flight away.